Hot yoga is the practice of performing yoga exercises in extremely hot or humid conditions. Understandably, women look for yoga clothes that will fit comfortably during these sessions. Depending on the type of hot yoga class taken, room temperatures for these exercises can range from 92 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. While hot yoga has been deemed a safe exercise to indulge in, it’s important to wear the appropriate and agreeable attire. Just Live offers an assortment of yoga tops and bottoms that will pair perfectly for your next (or first) hot yoga workout.

Which Yoga Clothes Should You Bring To Hot Yoga?


It is a common practice to wear sweaters or long sleeve tunics to the gym in order to sweat more during cardiovascular exercises. The sweat is an indicator that you are burning calories, and furthermore, burning more fat. Others suggest that the elevated heat makes it easier to get into those more advanced yoga stretches and even makes participants feel a sense of relief after the workout. However, considering the fact that the purpose of hot yoga is to induce strenuous conditions, we recommend the following essential garments for hot yoga.

The Show Stopper


If you’re looking for the best yoga tops for hot yoga exercises, try out our Show Stopper Crop Top. The pattern comes in an eccentric steal blue snake design. It’s a high impact sports bra, meaning it’s perfect for those workouts where you know that you will break a sweat. The mesh design comes down in a V-shape pattern in the front and in the back, giving you that extra breathing room during your workout.


Olivia Crop Top


If you’re not comfortable with the tight-fitting yoga tops, then our Olivia top is for you. It’s impeccably soft and the sleeves are extra wide to give you that breezy feel. It’s loose, flowy, and the ideal top for those extra sweaty workouts. It comes in black, white, and olive— try one in every color!




Our Power Pants are made with moisture-wicking material and, as with all our leggings, they’re odor resistant. These leggings have intricate designs that are unique to each pair and they are specifically hand-woven. As an added bonus, these leggings come with a removable battery pack to keep your mobile device charged while you work out!

Laceup Barre Crops Skin Leggings

There’s nothing worse than leaving your hot yoga session feeling gross. These leggings are made out of proprietary Yolon fabric that are developed containing microscopic particles. The particles in these threads prevent odor and mildew-causing bacteria. They are high-waisted to make you feel extra secure, and they come in a dark burgundy color so you don’t have to worry about sweat lines!

So if you’re looking for new yoga clothes to wear for your next fitness drill, make sure you wear the proper attire. While hot yoga is an excellent source for alternative exercises, safety comes first, as with all elaborate fitness regimens. Just Live’s national brand offers a variety of styles in the perfect fitness wear for hot yoga. Make sure you check the different patterns in our yoga crop tops and odor-resistant leggings!