If there’s anyone who makes us feel like we can do anything it’s Dize Kandu.

This Just Live Brand Ambassador does it all. While we adore her most as an ambassador, she’s an equally amazing life coach, personal trainer, proud vegan, self-taught dancer, former collegiate swimmer, and the list goes on.

While her titles change over time, Dize believes they tell what she is, not who she is. Rather than define herself through these titles, she finds just living and experiencing life to be more illuminating. Whether she’s rocking it at one of our photoshoots or challenging herself with a workout, Dize embodies the Just Live Brand.

“I love the Just Live company as a team. Jared, the founder and the CEO of the company is one of the coolest people I know. Every photoshoot we have, he is there, putting in the work, smiling, dancing with us and creating positive vibes not only on the prints of his pants, but in life as well.”

As a social influencer, Dize is only an ambassador for brands she’s passionate about. She believes in promoting an active lifestyle and living life to the fullest. While advertising fat loss pills and make up products isn’t her forte, she respects brands who don’t make people feel less about who they are.

“I believe in Just Live and I love what they stand for, so I stand for them too.”

Though she believes our message differs from other brands, it’s our products that make Just Live truly stand out.

What does this fitness guru desire in workout wear?

Comfort, design and quality are the three keys.


I can literally wear Just Live leggings to workout at a gym, swim in the ocean or go to a dance practice. They’re comfortable and fit my multidimensional way of living.

Fitness has taught Dize consistency, and with practice she can improve in any aspect of her life. The challenges we face in life will hurt, but like a tough workout, they’re what we need to grow stronger.

Trust me, when you are doing an exercise like a push up, which requires all your muscles’ participation, it’s hard to think about what is wrong in your life.

Take a page from this ambassador’s book. Mix up your workout routine, accomplish a goal, master your inner voice, and don’t give others the power to dictate how you live.

People ask me what do I do for a living and I say, ‘I just live for a living.’ That is my truth. When I meet people, I choose to ask, “What is your passion in life?

Want to rock your workout and look as good as Dize? 

Check out her favorite pair of Just Live leggings: