“When I grow up I want to work out”
is not what most little girls dream about doing when they grow up, yet here are all these women on our blog with full time jobs in fitness.

Fitness has a theme. It makes the dreams some women have a reality. It seems too good – and a little unfair – to be true, but having a career in fitness is becoming more accessible and popular than ever before.

She’s a a trainer, fitness competitor, and model, but most importantly, Holly Barker is The FitnessPrenuer.

A FitnessPrenuer is someone who loves business, living a healthy lifestyle and motivating others. They ultimately want to profit from their involvement in the health and wellness field. They want to create their own opportunities, brands, products, companies without answering to a boss or putting in time at a job.


“The right style can easily translate from fitness fashion to lifestyle fashion. Just Live passes with flying colors on both criteria!!!”


As a FitnessPrenuer, Holly knows it takes more than certifications and titles to be successful in this industry, but what else should you know? Here are some tips:

1. Do it for the right reasons…because you love it

For Holly, fitness is the creative outlet she uses to express herself, whether it’s through her clothing, training and photography.

Don’t start a career in fitness for the money. Don’t do it for other people. Do it because it’s what inspires and motivates you to wake up each day. 


2. Step up your online presence

As a business graduate, Holly comes at fitness with a business mindset first. After branding herself, she built an online platform with a website and social media. Make sure your website has good content, represents who you are and stays updated consistently.

“It’s the breathability and fit of Yolon®. I go from hot yoga to spin to strength training, and I travel to many different climates. Every piece from Just Live breathes and moves with me for whatever type of training or sport I am doing.”

There’s no better way to channel your website than through social media. Without a strong presence on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll stay a step behind in this industry.


3. Don’t be afraid to fail

Unfortunately, you can’t always be right, especially when starting out. Never pretend like you know everything. Stay educated, be willing to learn, and prepare yourself to be challenged.


4. Be Yourself

To stand out, you must stay to true to who you are, which means being different. Dig deep and figure out the what defines you and the why of what you’re doing. Attract like-minded people to cater to and that’s when you can truly make a difference.

“The world is obsessed with comparing everyone to each other, but we can’t do that. No one has the same experiences, knowledge, education and background that I do so no matter what I do, I know I am different.”


5. Patience

We all want that quick fix, but as fitness professionals know, there is no such thing. Holly is most proud of her speed of implementation with her goals. When she wants to do something, she does it, but at the same time, she knows it takes time.

It also takes hard work, experience and probably some tears along the way. Remember that you have the chance to grow, but just like any fitness journey, you must enjoy the process.


I am excited to continue adventuring, training, traveling and living my fitness adventure in my Just Live.