Are you looking for that perfect pair of leggings that meet your fitness goals, while also looking great while doing so? Introducing our PowerPantz Collection. We have that perfect pair of leggings that match your personal taste and style. Just Live is the ideal destination to get your workout the sports leggings it deserves. Stop by our online shop that is available all across the USA. We have the best workout leggings in all of California! Contact or visit us today!


What are PowerPantz

These unique leggings are designed with our state of the art Yolon fabric. This fabric ensures that you stay dry from sweat and keeps the shape of your body with it’s ultimate compression. You are sure to look your best while working out. Look out Gym; there is a new woman in town!


These specially designed leggings are also built to not dull or pull. This means no more annoying fuzzy’s, and more vibrant colors!


Whether you go hard at the gym and are always on best mode, or if you just like to casually jog on a treadmill, these leggings will withstand the test of time no matter how hard the workout is or how intense the environment gets. Here at Just Live, we are known for offering the best fitness clothing for women, and because our of PowerPantz collection, we now have more proof that we are living up to our mission to create the best workout leggings.


Our Several Designs of Sports Leggings

No matter your style, we are sure to find you that perfect style. We offer a varied selection of styles on our online shop that you are sure to love! They also come in various patterns too! Some even include pockets to put your phone so you can listen to your favorite tunes while pumping iron! Here are our many styles and patterns we include:

  • Cropskin Camouflage Blue
  • Cropskin Emerald Moss
  • Cropskin Mystic Blue
  • Cropskin Rainbow Kaleidoscope
  • Cropskin Splash of Pink
  • Cropskin Steel Blue Snake
  • Green Siren Legging
  • Handwoven Cropskin High Tide
  • Handwoven Legging High Tide
  • Legging Camouflage Blue
  • Legging Emerald Moss
  • Leggin Mystic Blue


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Just Live features the most comfortable sports leggings and activewear. Make sure to try our PowerPantz Collection. From the reviews to the press coverage and brand new items we are adding to our online shop, Just Live is without a doubt where to go for the best fitness clothing for women. You need to get yourself the best workout leggings, and we are here to make that happen. We don’t just make workout clothes for women. Our products were meant to make you look good, perform better and most importantly feel great. Just Live is so much more than just a brand. It’s a way of life. It’s an attitude. Life is a fantastic thing. It’s meant to make the most of. Simply stated you get one chance at it. Our shop is featured to everyone in the US online. Call or contact our California based shop today to get you a step ahead of the workout game!