Let’s be honest: I’m addicted to refreshing my Instagram feed.

Gone are the days of mindless scrolling now that a simple click of a button gives us all the fitness motivation we could need. But in an online world taken over by personal trainers and inspiring yogis, how do some accounts stand out from the rest? For Gabby Male, she prides herself on being authentic and vulnerable.

I love that Just Live leggings aren’t your typical cookie cutter black pair of leggings.

Likewise, we love that Gabby isn’t your typical cookie cutter fitness influencer on Instagram. It’s not the bikini competitions or making money that inspires her to post, but instead the desire to be real about what’s on her mind. From YouTube videos where she shares her story of disordered eating to branding herself through her #shewhobelieves hashtag, she inspires others to be fit while reminding them to believe in themselves.

“I feel like a badass in these Just Live leggings. These are the type of leggings where I’d go up and ask someone where they bought them. You can’t go wrong with a high-rise pant that sucks you right in.”

She’s right.

Is there anything better than leggings that are adorable, fit amazing, and make us feel good?

The soft spandex feel and lightweight Yolon® material give her the confidence to run, cycle, and even squat heavy without worry of transparency.

As someone who spends every moment of her day in leggings, Gabby knows a good pair when she sees one. Whether she’s working, sitting in class, hanging out with friends, or even sleeping, find her sporting a cute pair of leggings.

Like many women, she knows what it’s like to be held captive by a restricted lifestyle that keeps her from living life fully. It wasn’t until she found a healthy home at the gym when she found the strength and support to balance a healthy lifestyle. 

Right now, she can truly say she’s just living.

We have times we’re on top of the world and we have times where we’re not. Life happens, but that doesn’t mean we should stop. The hard times are where our strength really shows out.

There’s a sense of relief and pride that comes with accepting the past and embracing the one shot we have at life.

What advice does Gabby have to just live?

Take a chill pill and eat a donut.