Sweat, smile and repeat are the keys to a good day.

For me, fitness is more fun when I enjoy what I’m doing instead of when I force myself to enjoy it. The best way to stay active is different for everyone, but often the most fun exercises are the ones we find ourselves doing consistently. For personal trainer and yoga guru, Erin Roush, fitness is fun because she makes it a way of life rather than a chore.

Clients will ask me what are ‘the best’ exercises for this or that.  Well, there isn’t one.  If you hate to run and I tell you to run…is that a good workout for you? No. Can we accomplish the same benefits you’re looking for with something else? Yes.

I’m a “booty shorts” kind of yoga momma and leggings aren’t my go-to. However, Just Live may have just changed that!

Is finding workout gear that’s both cute AND functional as difficult as finding fun ways to stay active?

After hearing Just Live activewear would have her saying goodbye to see through activewearErin had to try out a pair. Had she finally found “the ones” to live up to this claim?

Honestly, these Just Live leggings are the first pair—and might I mention they are white—that aren’t see through. The Yolon® fabric moves and fits like second skin while mastering the amazing feat of not showing any color or lines through!


Fitness for Erin is simply about movement, yet her yoga poses are no simple movements. She continually finds joy in her yoga practice knowing it’s a work in progress.

What are some tips for making fitness fun?

1. Choose a workout you enjoy and look forward to

2. Make it a family or social event

3. Listen to your inner child and develop a kid-like mindset when being active

4. Enjoy the outdoors with hikes, walking trails, whitewater rafting, bike rides, and the list goes on

5. Experiment with new exercise classes. Zumba? Pilates? Body-weight training? Kickboxing? The possibilities are endless

  Let’s face it, there’s a ton of companies making leggings and activewear.  Just Live has the amazing product, but they also have some great people behind them. That goes a long way in my book as to where I shop.

Click below to shop Just Live’s non-transparent compression leggings in the Hurricane Petal Blossom print!