There’s nothing more inspiring than talking to someone whose personal mantra is if you don’t do it then someone else will. For Jodi Kobrin, that’s what she told herself when she introduced aerial yoga to her small town in New Jersey. 

As a young girl, Jodi’s dream involved the circus. She remembers watching acrobats fly in the air as she lost herself in each circus performance she saw. Now as the founder of Fly & Release Aerial Yoga Training, Jodi uses aerial yoga to live her childhood dream every day. Through teaching and training, she’s found her passion while encouraging others to escape a life full of insecurities and self-doubt.

When you think about it; active wear is about so much more than just being active wear.

She’s seen some of the best transformations with her students once they lose the baggy clothes and find the confidence to sport a cute pair of leggings. We all have our insecurities, but we can’t help to feel better when we look good in our favorite workout clothes.

Jodi prefers a high-rise pant that doesn’t fall when she flips upside down during an aerial yoga class. After trying out Just Live Set Sail Blue leggings, she agrees our fabric does the trick.

Photo credit: Anna Jackow

Yolon® moves with your body, wicks moisture and doesn’t roll down. Just Live leggings are perfect for yoga since they feel good, aren’t see through, and stay in place.

Whether she’s flipping on a hammock, shopping, or meeting friends for coffee, Jodi is more than likely rocking a pair of leggings. As someone who wears them daily, she knows when a pair is worth the splurge.

“If they’re a kick ass brand with top notch customer service and making quality leggings, I’m willing to pay more.” 

While we have our good days, we also have our bad ones. How does Jodi continue to just live each day, even when times are tough? She says she just does it.

“If you want to live a happier, more empowered life, visualize yourself already there and already doing it,” she explains. “I wholeheartedly believe the universe has put me through setbacks for me to help and inspire others.”

Life if challenging, but Jodi sees challenges beneficial for the soul and for growth. If she’s not teaching a yoga class, we can find Jodi challenging herself – in her favorite Just Live leggings, of course – in other ways. Whether it’s taking a pole class, training for a 60-mile bike ride, or planning her next retreat to Greece, Jodi thrives on pushing herself outside her comfort zone.

Half the battle is getting there. There is a different mentality when you leave yoga. The only thing to do is show up and enjoy.