In a perfect world, my entire closet would only consist of Just Live leggings and sports bras. After becoming a Just Live ambassador, Tatiana Sarmiento refuses to wear any other brand.

I have drawers full of Just Live because it’s the best workout clothes ever. Once you try it you’ll never wear another brand again.

It was love at first touch for Tatiana and Yolon®. With HIIT workouts, personal training sessions and her day job as a nurse, she needs a fabric that fits properly and comfortably.

Yolon® feels like a second skin, but softer. I don’t have to pull my pants up like I do with other brands.

It’s hard to imagine having time for Just Live photoshoots between nursing and spinning classes, yet she finds the time. 

“When Jared texts me and asks me to do a photoshoot, I make the time to be there. That’s how I know my heart is in this brand.”

Besides Just Live, her heart is in personal training. While she chose to become a nurse, she didn’t choose to be a personal trainer. Instead she claims personal training chose her. With fitness and nursing being so alike, Tatiana hopes to use her knowledge of both fields to help clients achieve a healthy balance in their lives.

Whether she’s wearing leggings under her scrubs or pairing our Moto Leggings with heels, Tatiana finds a way to live in her Just Live leggings.

It didn’t take long after she fell in love with the fabric for her to fall in love with the company. The opportunity to be a Just Live ambassador and represent a quality active wear brand makes her glad to be a part of the Just Live team.

“I don’t recommend anything unless it’s good and makes me happy. I recommend Just Live because I feel happy when I wear these clothes.”