Haven’t you heard? Leggings are the new jeans!
The long-awaited gap between functional and stylish clothing has disappeared as we embrace leggings for more than just workout attire. As a former back up dancer for Britney Spears and now a CIZE LIVE master trainer, Tania Baron will gladly wear leggings instead of jeans any day.

Leggings must first be cute. Are they cute then do they work? Fashion over function.    

Of course, we all want our leggings to be durable, but like jeans, we’re not going to buy leggings that don’t make us feel and look good.  

“I like to feel cute when I work out and these leggings make me feel cute. 

Pair Just Live leggings with wedge sneakers and they’re pants.”

The only thing cuter than Just Live leggings and high top sneakers would have to be Tania’s matching tattoo with Britney Spears. 

Although her days of traveling as a backup dancer for the famous popstar are over, Tania’s found another way to make a career through her passion for dance. In 2005, she became the mastermind behind CIZE LIVE when she was asked to design a new dance workout program. She’s still traveling the world, but this time as a master trainer inspiring others and working out.

Being paid to workout sounds almost as good as being paid to workout in Just Live leggings. The feel of a favorite pair of jeans is irreplaceable, but the feeling of Yolon® fabric can’t be duplicated. 

You want leggings that stay up, but aren’t too tight in the waist or baggy in the crotch. My Just Live leggings hold up when I get sweaty and the Blue Fish print hides the sweat.

That’s the thing about Just Live leggings. It doesn’t matter if Tania is boarding a flight, killing an intense home workout or eating out with her son. With 8-way non-transparent stretch and superior compression, Yolon® beats out denim in any occasion. 

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