Every woman wants to know where to find the best gym wear. But what constitutes as good gym clothes? Just Live believes that the best workout leggings and tops are those that are sensible, fashionable, and comfortable. It’s about being able to breathe comfortably and show your unique sense of style at the gym. It’s important to be able to have a variety of options to wear for your workout endeavors— and not just for durability. Having a selection of leggings gives women a sense of confidence so that she feels great inside and out.


Leggings are modern fashion. We wear leggings day in and day out, for every occasion. And besides making a fashion statement, it’s important for you to be able to breathe comfortably in your stylish leggings. That means having the right fabrics that won’t wear out. So, what should you look for in your workout leggings?


Here are a couple of pointers to find the best gym wear that enables you to breathe comfortably and be stylish at the gym.

Durable Workout Clothes


While it’s fun to have a closet full of different pattern workout leggings, women also look for durability in their workout attire.  At Just Live, out leggings are packed with unique technology that makes our leggings last longer. Yolon fabric is used to give women the ultimate workout performance and functionality. The microscopic particles make our leggings odor-free. Our leggings also have an anti-pilling fabric, which makes them looking smooth and brand-new at all times.  

Comfortable Gym Wear

There’s nothing more important than finding comfortable leggings. Oftentimes, we buy cheap leggings on the go at local retail stores, and they simply don’t meet expectations. Just Live’s leggings are high-waisted to create that extra sense of security and you’ll never have to worry about unwanted exposure. They’re also embedded with quick-dry fabric so that the moisture is absorbed while you work out, making you feel fresh all day long. Our leggings will have you feeling comfortable no matter the workout. Whether you’re running hiking, biking, or doing hot yoga—Just Live only supplies the best workout leggings.

Stylish Leggings

Having leggings that you can breathe comfortably in is only made better by wearing them with style. Our leggings come in a multitude of colors and patterns. Leggings such as our Power Pantz Green Siren selection are moisture-wicking and odor resistant and they look incredible. The design comes in a rare green ombre pattern with mesh detailing to give you the extra breeze. It’s a high-rise legging with an eight-way stretch to make you feel extra snug. Our leggings also come in solid colors, marble designs, and black leather if you’re feeling extra feisty. Each legging offers comfortability and style, making them the ultimate package.

Get Them Now

Our comfortable and stylish leggings are offered across the nation through our website. If you’re looking to be fashion-forward and comfortable for your workouts, Just Live is proud to offer both options for women! Be sure to check out the unique technology we incorporate into our gym wear and browse our selection of the best workout leggings!