If you’re shopping for gym clothes, then chances are you’re going to need a gym bag! And honestly, aren’t those large duffle bags a little too bulgy? Just Live is known for their workout clothes for women, but— we have something else to offer. We now have brand-new backpacks in two colorful prints!


Why go through the hassle of stuffing those big duffel bags into your gym locker or lugging it around between sets? Just throw on a backpack for an easy and convenient way to tote around your gym necessities.


It took a lot of sampling and consideration to pick out backpack designs that paired well with our unique clothing styles. The Marble Rose design was chosen as our modern style that can go with any workout outfit. However, we thought it would be fun to incorporate a nature theme, so we added a pink rose for a pop of color. And the Emerald Moss backpack was chosen for those who enjoy warmer tones in a chic ombre fashion.


So what all can you store in your new Just Live Backpack?

Pre-Workouts and BCCAAs

Some women may use coffee for their early morning pick me up, but studies have shown that the use of pre-workout supplements help amplify your overall workout. Plenty of gym influencers have shown that they take these precautions by showing what they keep in their gym bag: a water bottle for pre-workout mix, another one for a dose of BCAAs, and another bottle just for regular water! So if you’re the type to carry three different water bottles for your supplements, you’ll definitely need some kind of backpack.

Gym Clothes

Workout clothes for women are special. And they need to be kept in a safe, secure space in between your morning errand runs and your gym session. Our new backpacks hold enough space to store all of your gym attire—from your socks to your crew neck. There is even enough room to tuck in your running shoes at the bottom so that they don’t leave prints on your clothes. You’ll probably also want to pack an extra t-shirt, towel, and maybe some spare socks in your backpack. You never know what you might forget! Spare running jackets, gloves, underwear: throw all of your gym garb in there!

Headphones and Accessories

The gym is one place people can go to escape. There’s nothing like a strong gym session with your favorite music blasting through your headphones. The combination of a steady workout in junction with music pulsing through your veins brings about a strange mix of serenity and adrenaline. So don’t forget to pack your headphones in your gym backpack! And to be safe, maybe toss in a portable phone charger and cable. You don’t want to run out of juice in the middle of your workout.

These bags will be offered nation-wide through our website. Each backpack is equipped with two compartments and strong, durable shoulder straps. It’s the perfect place to store your gym clothes. Now, Just Live isn’t just about workout clothes for women. It’s about offering convenience in style so that you can Just Live.