Melissa Combs-Wright knows what it’s like to be a #GIRLBOSS.

Unhappy with the ease of shopping for quality athletic wear in her area, she opened Sala Studio in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. The local active wear boutique introduces unreachable brands while promoting health and wellness. 

As an expert in everything athleisure, Melissa doesn’t allow just any brand into her store. She’s always on the lookout for new brands to carry, but how does she decide? She may know a good brand when she sees one, but she knows a quality brand after she runs, lifts and squats.  

I use this statement for SALA: Select Athletic and Leisure Attire for sweat-to-street lifestyles. The Set Sail Blue Racetime Cropskins I tried fit this statement perfectly.

Does it come as a shocker that Yolon® sealed the deal for her to carry Just Live? After trying on these cropskins, it was our fabric she raved about the most.


I love that Yolon® is lightweight, dries quickly, and feels nice. I’ve lost count of the compliments I’ve received on this pattern.

Since opening Sala Studio, Melissa admits it’s rare to find her not wearing leggings. She’s to the point where she’s not sure what else to wear when she goes out. As someone who lives, breathes and sleeps athleisure, she’ll pay more for leggings if they retain their shape and color after several washes. 

I can sweat in Just Live leggings and then meet friends afterwards without feeling like I need to change for the sake of fashion.

More than just a local athleisure boutique, Sala Studio offers weekly in-store fitness classes to encourage movement within the community. Fitness has always been a big aspect of Melissa’s life as it gives her the confidence in what she does daily. When balancing life as a #GIRLBOSS and mother is challenging, it’s CrossFit that helps Melissa remember to just live. Three years ago, she found a Groupon to a CrossFit class and never looked back. From fostering a community vibe to pushing her mentally and physically, this challenging workout turned out to be more than she ever expected.


Conquering CrossFit workouts like it’s her part time job while owning an athleisure boutique; can we be Melissa yet? Not to mention, wearing leggings to work every day – sign us up for that!

Check out the inspiring tips this #GIRLBOSS had for us:

  • Be okay with not doing everything . Do what you can and leave the rest to be
  • Save enough money. Try not to take out a loan or borrow money
  • Be patient – especially if you’re doing it on your own
  • Start small with inventory and add more brands as business grows
  • Do what’s best for yourself, which means not always listening to others
  • It’s important to know who you are and to be confident in your abilities