Fitness changes lives, but also makes for a good love story.

Imagine meeting your husband during a workout infomercial and having Shaun T, the creator of Insanity, officiate the wedding. Talk about life goals, but this is reality for Danielle Natoni.

While struggling paycheck to paycheck as an elementary school teacher, Danielle took a 2nd job as a fitness instructor and became certified in Beachbody through Turbokick. A year and a half later she traded a life of fractions for a life full of fitness. Now she’s dubbed the female version of Shaun T, a master trainer for Insanity Live, social influencer, wife and mother.

You’re not sure what to expect when you order a pair of leggings through the mail, but I was completely shocked and happy when I put my Just Live leggings on.

Described as Fit and Funky, Danielle is picky when it comes to leggings, but she has every right to be. While most women rave about high waist bands, she prefers to roll hers over. She loved how the Yolon™ fabric felt and looked when she rolled the waistband down to her hips.

It helps that the Jungle Vibe pattern just so happens to incorporate Insanity colors. Between Insanity and her own home workouts, Danielle needs leggings that stay in place and don’t rise. With a full time job in fitness, she’s always looking for new, sweat-to-street style brands.

“I would tell others to give new brands a chance. It’s scary to invest in leggings we don’t know, but we invest because we know we’ll wear them a lot. Just Live won’t let you down.”

As the modifier in Insanity Live, Danielle recognizes the importance of modifying in a workout. While some people cringe at the idea of altering an exercise, Danielle sees modifying like just living.

“It’s about doing what your body needs in that moment to keep moving forward. It’s slowing down, pausing to take a moment, but still moving forward rather than stopping still before a goal.”

Sometimes we must modify in a workout, sometimes we must modify in life and there should be no stigma to that.

Although her days in the classroom are over, Danielle still identifies as a teacher. This time her platform is larger than a classroom. As an Instagram guru, blogger and fitness instructor, Danielle now inspires people daily through her Fit and Funky online platform.

I 100% relate to the concept of Just Live. There was a time where I felt dead inside and stopped working towards goals. I was alive but I was not living life. I wouldn’t change anything I went through, but the only way to fail is to settle for less.

We can’t be successful if we don’t put ourselves first. Find the best in you before finding the best for you.