Would you believe me if I told you Chelsea Pearson lost 50 pounds without going to the gym?

It’s true. After emotional eating took over her life, she started making decisions in the opposite direction. Lacking a strong support system in her life, she decided to build one. Her vision was simple: prove that all a woman really needs is a living room, a T.V., and a supportive fitness community to make an amazing transformation.

Known as Fit Girls Next Door, Chelsea’s fitness community is based on empowering women who need that extra push to jumpstart a change.

As Chelsea puts it, fitness communities are a lot like ice cream; they come in many flavors. Like the variety of fitness platforms are the variety of fitness brands.

“I have a lot of favorite brands, but none of them offer such a variety of beautiful colors or patterns like Just Live does. I’m obsessed with all the patterns.”

Is finding supportive active wear just as important as finding a supportive fitness community? Now it seems like there are endless fitness communities whether it’s the dedicated power lifters, bikini competitors, active mothers, or popular fitstagrammers.

What does Chelsea think about finding the right community?

“I believe in the law of attraction. When you are you and when you are authentic, you attract the right kind of people who end up feeling at home.”

The ability to feel at home and do workouts from home is the concept behind Fit Girls Next Door. As a Beachbody coach, Chelsea tried out her Just Live leggings with a weight training, speed and agility home workout.


“My biggest pet peeve with active wear is when I must constantly pull my pants up during a workout.”


“The compression of Yolon® is incredible. Specifically, my leggings didn’t move around and I didn’t need to worry about adjusting them at all.”

While she realizes Just Live leggings aren’t your average pair of pants, we realize Chelsea was never just your average girl next door. If dropping out of college three times and a toxic relationship with food couldn’t keep her from pursuing her passion, then nothing will.

“Your past is your prologue. You can wake up tomorrow and decide that you’re going to write a better story. Tomorrow I will be a better version of myself, but that’s not a bad thing.”

“Just living is about balance. It’s striving to be your best, but remembering how far you’ve come.”