As a world traveler, yoga instructor, and 6-time Freediving Champion, Helen Garner couldn’t be any cooler. Well, that was until we learned she was born and raised in Africa.

In 2011, Helen’s yoga journey began after she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Unable to exercise anymore, she turned to yoga for an “easy” way out. Three years later, she quit her job and booked a plane ticket to India for her yoga teaching training.

There is that lovely saying that yoga is not about touching your toes, but it’s what you learn on the way down.

This is for me, the beauty of yoga.


With a desire to make yoga more accessible, Helen uses Instagram as a safe space to share and practice. Although competing in a yoga challenge seems contrary to the idea of yoga, these challenges are anything, but competitive. She’s discovered Instagram to be the most supportive, fun and inspiring community where she’s found her tribe, grasps new poses and shares her insights every day.

Are the countless number of yoga challenges that we see on our feeds worth participating in? It was by hosting a yoga challenge that Helen was introduced to Just Live, so we think so!

I am not sure there is a yogi out there that doesn’t lust over leggings. 

When you put Just Live on, they are ON. You don’t need to worry and fuss with them. You can just focus on the yoga.

Despite popular belief, savasana isn’t this yogi’s favorite part of yoga. There isn’t a blog post long enough for Helen to express all the benefits, but she let us in on some of her favorites:

1. Yoga is life changing.

2. I love that a person can come to me to work on rehabilitating their shoulder, or controlling their breathing and anxiety, and I know that they are going to walk away with the “full package.”

3. It gives you more than you asked for, including a better, clearer version of who you are.

4. You learn not to judge or commit to anything but the present moment of right there, right now, on the mat.

5. Yoga is a PRACTICE and it’s not meant to be perfect, you’re not meant to be perfect. You get to go back every single day and do it again.

6. Each day with yoga is new and different. 

The only times that I can find true yogi bliss… has been on my mat, and in a deep dive. The feeling of complete and utter silence, connection, aloneness and yet togetherness, and the pure joy of a being free. Yoga and freediving bring me closer to being me.

Her current favorite pair of Just Live?

The Power Through Leggings in Set Sail Blue!

I adore the fit, I adore the Yolon® compression, and I ADORE the nautical blue stripe.