Calling all foodies and aesthetic instagrammers, have you see Dee’s Daily Dish on Instagram?

Think Pinterest inspired recipes revamped with a healthy twist. Who would’ve thought healthy meals could look this good?

“I’ve always been a Lululemon girl but now that I’ve tried Just Live, there’s no comparison.

Not only are the designs adorable, but their Yolon® fabric is high quality and gives a better booty lift than Lululemon.”

It’s about time this blog brought up food. Fitness is as much about stylish performance leggings and workout routines as it is cultivating a healthy, balanced lifestyle for yourself. On her way to becoming a registered dietician, Deanna’s making her passion for nutrition and cooking into a career.

“Their Yolon® material is amazing in so many ways – it’s breathable, fast-drying, odor proof and most importantly, not see-through – perfect for those sweaty workouts.”
Deanna dishes more than beautiful food with some advice on living a healthier lifestyle:
  • Focus on all areas of health
    Health is the underlying factor in happiness, both mental and physical.
  • Cook more healthy meals
    How do you feel after eating an unhealthy meal? Groggy, tired, unable to concentrate. What about after eating a healthy meal? You feel energized, focused. You’re able to be the best version of yourself!
  • Experiment with meals & find a variety
  • Use base ingredients to make different meals
    Make a lentil meatloaf on one day and have use the leftover lentils to make meatballs for pasta for tomorrow.
  • Look for recipes based on what’s in season and what’s in the fridge
  • Take it one step at a time
    Set yourself a timeline and work on one specific goal at a time. Once you achieve that goal, set another.

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