As if packing a suitcase for a vacation wasn’t hard enough, now people are fitting their entire wardrobe in one. The concept of a capsule wardrobe has been around since the 70’s, but recently the desire for a fitness capsule wardrobe is more prevalent than ever. Think about it – you’ll save money, time and space in the long run when purchasing quality items that you’ll wear often.

With all the latest trends in athleisure, how do you minimize the chaos of your current closet?  The key to building a fitness capsule wardrobe is simple: less is more, but less doesn’t have to mean nothing. Buy pieces from brands that guarantee the ultimate long-lasting gym apparel. Focus on incorporating patterns and colors that complement each other. Most importantly, choose clothes that make you feel good.

The ideal fitness wardrobe has pieces for both low and high impact exercises, as well as enough items so you’re not doing laundry every day. Just Live active wear is casual enough to wear to the gym and stylish enough to pair with jeans for an all-around look. Your best bet is to include twelve staple items, but with the variety of colors and patterns Just Live offers we can’t blame you for wanting more!

Are you ready to create your own fitness capsule wardrobe?

Check out these eight staples that’ll make you feel good and help you conquer any workout!