Do you love to dance? Are you a mom who is always cleaning up after your kids? Are you going to spend the day shopping? Regardless of who you are and what you do, leggings are for you. We have the most comfortable yoga pants! Introducing LiquidAura. This is our newest and hottest leggings ever! They are designed for women of various lifestyles with no limitations. Based out of Michigan, but brought to you online, at Just Live we have the best yoga pants and the perfect pair of leggings that match your personal style.

Style Means Everything

These newly designed leggings will grab the attention of everybody you walk past. Everybody will all wish they could get a pair just like you. LiguidAura is sheik and sheer. They come in a variety of colors and designs that are sure to match your particular style. With our popular Mermaid Luster design, you get an ultra glossy liquid finish that will leave you singing “Part of Your World” when you try them on for the first time.

The Most Comfortable Yoga Pants

This new collection truly is the best comfortable yoga pants we have to offer.  They are soft to the touch, but also built for performance. They feature our innovative luster texture fabric and 8-way stretch technology, which will leave you comfortable when you are lounging yet also not see through when you are practicing squats. These best yoga pants and leggings also feature a supportive mid-ride waistband and ultra glossy liquid finish.

Very Versatile Activewear

If you wear leggings for the gym, yoga, boxing, or weight lifting, these leggings are made for you. If you wear legging for shopping, napping, cleaning, dressing up, or dressing down, these leggings are made for you. No matter the occasion, LiguidAura will have you looking and feeling you’re very best. It is essential to own a pair of leggings that are adaptable to any situation you may need to sport them. Thankfully we created a legging that is exceptionally well rounded when it comes to daily activities.

Yoga clothing is becoming the new normal for women. We don’t just own one pair, and we don’t just wear them to the gym. That’s why we think it’s essential that we offer a variety of options for yoga pants for women. Just Live makes them versatile, comfortable, clean, and for all women all over the nation. We make them exceptional.

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Just Live features the most comfortable yoga pants. You need a pair of LiguidAura leggings, and we are here to make that happen. Our products were meant to make you look good, perform better and most importantly feel great. Just Live is so much more than just a brand. It’s a way of life. It’s an attitude. Life is a fantastic thing. It’s meant to make the most of. Simply stated you get one chance at it. Our shop is featured to everyone in the US online. Call or contact us today to get you a step ahead of the yoga game!