Spoiler alert: Exercise not only makes us feel better, but also look better.

Feeling good is often about looking good, and no one seems to agree with this more than Just Live Ambassador Annie Parker does. This IFBB Bikini Pro Competitor turned nutrition expert loves everything health, fitness and beauty related. Besides gaining strength or achieving a toned body, exercise can have beauty benefits to our health and skin. 

How we feel on the inside 100% reflects how we look on the outside. When you learn the impact fitness and food have on your body and skin, you start to realize how important it is to take care of yourself from the inside out.

The Yolon® material and the fit are my favorite things about Just Live leggings. They’re movable and breathable with the perfect amount of compression.


Detox Your Body
Say good-bye to toxins naturally by sweating. The easiest and cheapest way to clear out pores!

Don’t Stress It
A smile is the best accessory you can wear. When sad, you tend to show it through your face and how you carry yourself. Exercise can reduce stress and enhance your mood.

Confidence is Key
When you feel good about yourself, your level of confidence is unstoppable.

Glowing Skin
Ahhh, that instant work out glow. Heart pumping exercise creates better blood flow. What’s more rewarding than a nice post-workout glow?

Sleep More & Better
More exercise means your body will want more time to recover and relax. No more under eye bags? I hope so!

Food for Thought
More than exercise, fitness includes the healthy lifestyle choices. The food you eat not only affects your body, but can enhance the way you look. Opt for foods rich in Vitamin A and omega-3’s. 

Annie’s top beauty secrets include minimizing sugar as much as possible, taking the time to wash your face before bed, and always using SPF.

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