In barre classes, it’s important to keep your heels high and your standards for the best active wear brands higher.

They say the best things in life keep you on your toes and Laura-Ann Robert’s Barre class kept me on mine. After connecting with this fabulous fitness instructor, she convinced me to take one of her classes. Let’s just say, I’ve discovered a new Barre to wear my favorite high compression Just Live leggings.

photo credit: @sashstudios

“I wear top women’s activewear brands like Free People, Lululemon, J. Crew, but their compression is less sweat proof. Just Live has a better fit with their Yolon® material.”

Laura-Ann was introduced to Just Live through teaching Barre classes at Pulse 163, a chic boutique studio in North Miami, which sells select Just Live prints.

As a former professional dancer, Laura-Ann is among the few DanceBody trainers in the country. Born and raised in New York, she moved to Miami and introduced the NYC dance cardio brand to South Florida. You can check out this new fitness craze every Wednesday and Saturday at Anatomy at 1220. Her fitness methods of Barre and DanceBody are different, but go hand in hand to give her the perfect mixture of low impact exercise and cardio. 

What’s great about her Barre classes is how she brings her personality into them. There’s something about her classes that keep her clients coming back for more. It must be the killer cardio routines or the fashionable active wear she wears when teaching. She’s obviously doing something right though. After one class, she’s made a Barre enthusiast in me!

“The styles and prints of Just Live active wear fit my personality. I can get away with teaching class in their performance bottoms then walking around throughout the day because their prints are cute.”
After taking one of the best cardio Barre classes Miami has to offer, I can vouch it’s a workout worth adding to any fitness regimen. Not convinced yet? Here are a few reasons to try it out:
  • The workout consists of tiny movements that target all muscles making it a full body workout 
  • You’ll improve your posture, flexibility and core muscles
  • It’s a mindful exercise with the addition of toning and strength training benefits
  • Building strength with 3 pound weights? Say no more
  • During the final seconds of an exercise, you realize you are stronger than you ever imagined


Laura-Ann’s summer go-to pair are the Shady Palms Cropskin, but the High Stride Leather Leggings make her legs look ridiculous, a.k.a they’re perfect for a day at the barre or a night at the bar.