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Just Live is all about performance.

Our gear, our work ethics and our customer promise.
If you’ve got drive, style and want to be with us as we re-define the activewear market, then we want to hear from you!

Everyday new ambassadors are joining our ambassador program and LOVING it. Try a pair of our leggings and we GUARANTEE you fall in love. You’ll seeThe Just Live ambassador program is one of a kind exclusive program offered to those outstanding individuals who consider themselves, influencers in their community and are passionately engaged in promoting a healthy and certainly an active lifestyle both on and off line. Just Live’s Yolon Fabric was blended specifically to meet the needs of active lifestyles that require excellence. Yolon Fabric is loaded with features and benefits ranging from precision compression to extreme moisture wicking. Just Live connects with people in so many different ways on different levels. We believe in delivering only the best of the best. Our Yolon fabric and attention to detail makes our products truly AMAZING. We assure you, that you will say the same thing. Every one of our ambassadors RAVES about our products and how great they feel on their bodies. Our gear reflects passion. Passion for quality. Passion for life. Just try a pair.

What do we want out of this? We want loyal and dedicated brand ambassadors who want to be part of our amazing team. Our goal like any other company is to create brand awareness and spread the Just Live message. We want people living in Just Live. After all, they deserve the very best right? We want our ambassadors to share our passion for fashion, fitness and most importantly…..LIFE. We want you to inspire others to ultimately, Just Live…..


Responsibilities of being an Ambassador – As a Just Live ambassador of course we need you promoting Just Live through your entire social media platform in addition to your local outreach. Share pictures and videos of you wearing Just Live in any aspect of your life. Share these moments, share your feedback, and share your stories of inspiration and true enthusiasm.

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