Women are the original multi-taskers. We take on so many roles and responsibilities in our day to day lives. From mother to businesswoman, to fitness guru, to friend and yogi, we woman where many different hats…but that doesn’t mean we have to wear different pants! Our active and diverse lives as women call for clothing that can multitask too. Our leggings at Just Live feel like second skin. A comfortable fitting legging is essential to getting our daily tasks done efficiently and productively. We need to have clothing that can take us from ticking off groceries at a Massachusetts farmers market, to relaxing in Shavasana. Regardless of our busy lifestyles, one that incorporates a healthy yoga practice is essential to a balanced life. Our leggings can take throughout your day without changing clothes. The advantages of yoga are undeniable–it helps you relax, gain flexibility, decompress, and fosters community relationships that improve our mood. That is why at Just Live we’ve created workout clothes for women that work for our clients all day long.


Advantages of Yoga


Yoga has taken off as a hobby and exercise in the United States, including Massachusetts. Women and men around the country are taking to the practice as a way to lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, and increase flexibility and muscle tone. How does this activity tackle all of these issues? The first and most beneficial part of yoga is simply the practice of it. Committing to a daily practice of exercise has been shown to boost confidence and calm the mind. Yogis enjoy the benefits of seeing familiar faces each day, fostering community relationships that boost levels of serotonin and oxytocin in the body. Another one of the advantages to yoga is the physical practice of yoga. Yoga starts by slowly and safely warming up the body with breathing and gentle movement. Once the heart rate goes up, the body is ready to sink into deeper poses that increase flexibility over time. This is when the advantages of yoga truly take effect. With all of the bending and stretching that happens in yoga, it’s important to know what workout clothes for women will function well in this movement format. This is the creative concept behind Just Live leggings–workout clothes that work for the active woman.


Why Just Live Leggings Are A Yogi’s Best Friend


A legging that can stand the test of time is an invaluable addition to any woman’s closet. With all of the advantages to yoga, we need workout clothes for woman that can hold up in the yoga studio and on the street. Check out Just Live’s new arrivals for a fresh take on the contemporary patterns, like marble rose legging or the Olivia crop top. Our founder, Jared Learner, knew that there was a need for workout clothes for women that felt good and performed great, no matter the task. Shop the new collection. Enjoy the advantages of yoga and be the envy of your Massachusetts yoga class in Just Live’s new collection, now shipping to anywhere in the USA! Just Live’s PowerPantz.