Elissa Marshall has practiced yoga in unique places from hotel rooms, beaches in South America and even the noisy streets of New York City.

After graduating with degrees in Contemporary Dance and Photojournalism, Elissa moved to Cartagena, Colombia to dance professionally. Without being certified, she began teaching yoga in Cartagena where there was much tourism, but no yoga. After becoming a certified Yoga instructor, Elissa has relocated to New York City to teach Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga in both English and Spanish.  

For me, if I can maintain my personal practice, any place that I practice is special whether I have 10 minutes or 2 hours to myself.

I know what you’re thinking, how is a NYC based yogi able to enjoy herself on the mat amidst the chaos of everyday life in a big city?

Elissa has practiced in studios with open windows where street noise filters in, but if she gives full attention and effort, outside factors don’t bother her. Turns out, practicing yoga in this environment has made her realize being at peace is about being aware of the fast pace of city life, but not mistaking it for her own personal calm.

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Besides New York City studios, here are Elissa’s favorite unique places to practice yoga:

Art Galleries

The Watermill Center on Long Island is an artistic paradise filled with inspiration in the outside gardens and numerous galleries inside. Elissa was lucky enough to do yoga each morning in these galleries amongst old paintings, sculptures and artifacts from centuries ago.

Yoga Schools

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Studio is a special practice where students learn on their own set of sequences of yoga postures. Here the teacher offers adjustment and teaches the following postures in the sequence but everyone is free to go at their own pace and level. Elissa loves how this way of teaching empowers students to take their practice with them wherever they are, which is the most effective type of long term learning. 

Instagram Community

Practicing through this online, social community connects Elissa with like-minded yogis and continues to motivate her to share her practice daily.

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Where are other unique places to do yoga?

Time Square

Keeping with the theme of New York, how fun would it be to find peace in arguably the most chaotic part of this big city? If anything, it’s a new way to challenge yourself mentally and physically.

In the snow

Forget snow angels and snowball fights, find a reason to enjoy the cold weather by relaxing in the snow.

On the beach

Grab a paddle board or a spot in the sand to show off your favorite yoga sequence in the sun.

At your desk

When does a good yoga pose or meditation become more necessary than when stressed at work? Opt for a quick work-time breather with yoga postures and poses at your desk.  

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