“I chose to work with Just Live because their pants are like nothing I’ve ever worn. Once I started wearing Just Live I was ruined for all other workout brands like Lululemon and Athleta.”

Laura Tarbell was inspired by beauty and strength in her Strong is Beautiful line with Just Live.

To her, strength is just as much mental as it is physical; but after creating The Pilates Runner and winning the 2013 Fitness Universe Tour Canadian Model Championship, she can’t be blamed for thinking this way!


Growing up, Laura was active with marathons and a collegiate basketball career, but her passion to share and teach fitness didn’t begin until she discovered Pilates. Shortly after becoming certified, Laura created The Pilates Runner DVD series to help other runners and athletes like herself who suffer from chronic pain.

While crunches are possibly the most overrated workout for abs, Pilates is possibly the most underrated one.

Take it from Laura, a former collegiate basketball player turned fitness trainer, Pilates is not just for the girls. If looking and feeling as good as this mother-of-four doesn’t convince you to give Pilates a try, here are 5 reasons that could change your mind:

1. It’s a full body workout
Your core is the powerhouse, but expect to train the abs, as well as tone muscles in the back and booty.

2. Strong body, strong mind
Each move in Pilates requires full attention to movement, oneself, and breathing.

3. Switch up your routine
If it’s easy it’s not Pilates. Challenge your weekly routine with something new!

4. You’ll see change
As Joseph Pilates said, “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 2 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”

5. Rock Just Live leggings
Pilates/Yoga is one of the three areas of fitness Just Live designs are based around!

My clients call these the ‘butter’ leggings because they are as smooth and soft as butter.
I call them the magic leggings because they hold me in in all the right places.


Laura’s go-to pair is The Race Runner Cropskin in Black Racing Stripes, but here are other Pilates perfect pairs! 

The Yolon® fabric is exceptional. The compression keeps me feeling tight and supported whether I am doing Pilates, yoga, boot camp, or out for a run.